Club Magic Moment

2012-12-01 20.22.40
James Dybas co-stars in the short film Club Magic Moment. Check out photos and video on the film's Facebook page.

Club Magic Moment is a gritty, absurd crime comedy about recession-era desperation. It centers on Bill Ellis, an unemployed businessman overwhelmed with exorbitant debt.  After having his car repossessed, Bill is contacted by a hiring agent offering a dream job - this is the work of Lou Mullin (Dybas) a con man living out of strip mall and grifting a small, recession-ravaged community by selling them on nonexistent careers.

What follows is a series of tense, humorous, and atmospheric scenes: a heist planning sequence with unemployed and unenthusiastic neighbors; several conversations with a sketchy lawyer; and Bill's sophomoric attempts to get his money back - scenes that explore the nature of unemployment, the hopelessness of the modern job market, and one man's breaking point.